Ice Music Festival // Bergsjøstølen

I am honored to invite you and everyone into this Silent Retreat in Bergsjøstølen in February 2024.

The deep value of a Silent Retreat is almost impossible to describe in words, since it is alive in a presence that can only be experienced in its pure being. Through my many years of hosting Meditation Retreats, the Silent Retreats simply stand out in a very unique way. As they open the freedom of our true nature, and allows the human being to truly remember who we are.

To be in silence opens the pure gift of the moment. The gift of being alive as a soul and human being. And opens the realization of our innate pureness, innocence and unlimited potential to live life as the freedom that we are born to live it.

Silence also opens us to truly see our limited self, and experience its ripeness to be set free. So that we can live our true nature. That silent knowing of truth within, that changes everything. Because you know the truth of who you are. The unconditional love of being human.

The silent retreat creates a magical and unlimited space to remember and know who we are – and the magic of seeing the unfolding of this pure presence.

With this silent retreat happening in the wordless beauty of our sacred Norwegian winter-landscape – it opens what can be called a melting awareness of oneness in inner and outer landscapes, to explore and unfold within the silence. It is a living invitation from nature, to realize our oneness. The human being nature.

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