Team ERA


Who is Sohini?

This is always a very difficult question for me to answer. The short answer –I am a multi-cultural, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional person.

I was born in the UK to Indian parents, raised in Africa, lived in California until 2020 when I moved to Scotland and now, I live in Norway.

My work in the world is being a Light of Spirit’s love and joy in all my interactions. My mantra/affirmation is “I give voice to Divine expression and wisdom”. And this brings about the next question –how do I do this? As an Executive Coach and Success Specialist, I have clients globally. I am a successful project director, management consultant/strategist, and personal/business coach. My expertise lies in business development and strategy, team cohesion, financial prosperity, accessing creative solutions, and relationship building on all levels.I utilize all my transformation tools to create an energy of success, love and joy for all my clients whether they are individuals, entrepreneurs, small or large businesses or not-for-profit organizations. I love people, projects, and prosperity. And I believe when these elements flow together we exponential shift our impact on each other and the world.

I have had multiple Spiritual Awakenings and they have led me to study many different Spiritual modalities including spiritual psychology, shamanism, energy healing, NLP, and others.I believe in approaching life from a grounded spiritual perspective –we are both spiritual and physical beings.


I am aware that I am called to be in Bergen and through the ERA Life Center my intention is to share my gifts with you: Sharing Circles Women’s Circle focused on Menopause -Menopausitiva Community, Creative Art experiences, Prosperity Coaching Leadership, Business Coaching Relationship and Life Coaching.

If you would like to experience a session with me, call or email and we will schedule a free 30 minute consultation.