Team ERA



My background is one of art, music and meditation. Since 2017, I have held regular events
and circles where meditation, sound and music have been in center. In 2021/2022 I was
trained as a Breathwork facilitator, and since then I have gained a lot of experience in space-
holding through one-to-one sessions and in groups. I compose my own music where I ponder
over the meaning and depth of life and humanity, always searching for the bigger picture and
perspective. I draw a lot of inspiration from chanting and devotional music, where the purpose
is to surrender deeper into the body, the heart and the power of the present moment and stillness.


At Era I first of all wish to bring in healing music and meditative singing in the form of monthly
Sacred Song Circles where we will connect deeply through singing, toning and chanting
mantras. Music is my soul language and when I sing I connect to my truth. This is what I want
to share. I believe that everyone can enter a powerful state of blissful stillness through sound

and the magic of one’s own voice.

Together with Iraida Morales (and her herbal company “Skogsgull”) we will hold monthly
ceremonies that include astrological aspects, healing plant medicine and healing music and
mantras – all connected holistically to the archetype planetarian energies of the month.
I wish to also offer occasional concerts where I will share my own music most likely in
collaboration with other musicians. The concerts will vary in energy and some will invite to
more softness and stillness, and others to more celebration and vitality.

I will also collaborate with different other beings through the community of Era, and I can’t wait to see what will unfold.