Team ERA


My name is Monika, some people call me Miko.

I help people get in touch with their body, return “home”, rest and relax. 

Walking the path in search of my truth, I discovered that the greatest joy for me comes from direct contact with people and the opportunity to help.

I am a traveler, a collector of experiences, and a lover of expressing emotions through dance. I don’t like to define myself in a rigid framework. I prefer to say about myself that “I am everything and nothing.” I feel that I am different every day, and my life is a constant process of remembering myself and returning to the source. The tools supporting my growth are: yoga, meditation, tarot, and deep immersion and submission to the cyclical nature of nature.

My mission is to discover together the potential that lies in the BODY of each of us. I believe that FEELING is invaluable INFORMATION thanks to which we are able to make appropriate decisions to change our lives. and, consequently, the world, for the better.


My main tool is the Lomi-Lomi nui massage.This is a Hawaiian ritual called “the ritual of shedding the old skin” or “being born again”. It is a deep process of self-healing of the body, soul, emotions and psyche by restoring harmony and energy flow between these areas.

In addition, I perform the Japanese KOBIDO facial massage, fascia massage and classic massage. Hungry for knowledge, I constantly educate myself to help my patients as best as possible. During the session, I make sure to maintain a safe space and respect the boundaries of my patients. I want people to feel fully accepted, safe and comfortable.

Out of love for people and the intention of the highest good of all sentient beings, I invite you to a transforming experience of loving and open TOUCH.