Team ERA


Hi Friends! 

My name is Mallika J Y Herland, and I am a passionate explorer of the wonders of meditation & dance, sound & rhythm.

With my DJ artist alias, Witch Princess, I have been sharing sound magic in Norway and abroad for more than 17 years. 

Deeply inspired by trance inducing music, folklore, storytelling, nature & spirituality, I love to create musical journeys intended to send the listener on a magical ride from the outer world, through our inner world, to connect with the mystical spirit world.

I early discovered that music can take you to a space where the mind gets quiet and the body turns soft and liquid, where the perceived «you» totally disappear, and where there is freedom. In this natural ecstatic trance, the portal has opened and you can just melt into a meditative state. This is a celebration of life. Like making love to existence itself. And I just love to share this wonder with others on the dance floor.

With my event and record label; Liquid Moon, I arrange Sound Gatherings, Cacao Ceremonies, Ecstatic dance and Psytrance Parties, and releases my own music.

Emerging from my own spiritual journey is a deep longing to share the beautiful gifts of music, mystery & meditation, and this intention is poured into my music, events, dj set’s and live-performances. 

Combining nature sounds, organic textures and world instruments into electronic music production, I create magical, and sometimes psychedelic, sound journeys, with the intention to go deep, to uplift, to transform and unify. 


For my Liquid Moon events at ERA I am bringing the beautiful experience of Cacao Ceremony combined with Ecstatic Dance and a Healing Sound Journey.