Team ERA



Ziva, born in Slovenia, has been creating jewelry in her cozy shop at Bryggen for the last 12 years. Her unique designs are created mainly in silver and gold while also using fusion techniques combining silver with copper and gold. She creates a large range of jewelry from simple earrings to complex necklaces while her inspiration for most of her work is simplicity of form and playfulness. For Era she will take on a challenge of creating a unique collection inspired by the theme of freedom, aliveness and uniqueness, which is the true essence of our being.

Her passion the last 10 years has also been exploring the world of breathwork and she will share her experience in workshops at Era Life Center.

Ziva Jelnikar has been learning and experimenting with breath since 2012, when in a difficult period in her life she discovered the power of breath. Since then she loves to inspire anyone who will listen to include in their everyday life a short breathwork practice. “By doing anything for short periods but often, we eventually become masters of it.”

BreathWork sessions with Ziva at Era Life Center
In our daily lives, we are mostly busy bees, doing and giving.

While introducing different breathwork techniques for our daily conscious breathing practice, my wish mainly is to take you on a journey from “doing and giving” to “being and receiving”. Breath gives us life, but the quality of our life can change drastically by changing our ways of breathing. For me breath is my daily maintenance, my guidance, my best friend and unconditional love.

“I truly believe that the relationship with our breath can be our greatest love affair and it does not lead to a broken heart but an open heart.”